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          Six Side Drilling Machine

          The Six Side Drilling Machine has the functions of drilling, slotting, rounting and milling. The frame is precisely machined by CNC gantry machining center. The original authentic HQDKW air-cooled spindle is used, which has the function of dust collection. The heavy-duty bed adopts integrated welding, annealing and aging treatment.

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          Product Description

          Six Side Drilling Machine Feature:

          The machine frame is precisely processed by the CNC gantry machining center.
          Frame structure: heavy bed, precision welding, laser cutting, frame bed, high temperature tempering, aging treatment, enhance rigidity, and ensure the stability of the bed.
          Six side machining: without shunting, one equipment can realize the machining of six faces and the slotting of the front and back faces.
          Double drill bag: 2+1 drill bag mode is adopted to improve efficiency by 30%.
          Drilling workstation: multiple drilling center workstations can be formed to realize streamlined operation.


          Items CX-612A
          single drilling bag
          double drilling bags
          Working area Length of X axis grip guide rail 5400mm
          Travel Y-axis 1200mm
          Z-axis stroke 150mm
          Max Speed X axis 54000/min
          Y axis 54000/min
          Z-axis 15000/min
          Working size Min size (L * W) 200*50mm
          Max size (L * W) 2800*1200mm
          Number of tools Up drilling 9 vertical drills 9 vertical drills*2
          Below drilling 6 vertical drills
          Up drilling(XY direction) 4 horizontal drills 4 horizontal drills*2
          Frequency converter Inovance 380V4KW  2台
          principal axis HQD 380V 4KW  2台
          Work-piece thickness 12-30mm
          Overall dimensions of the machine 5400*2750*2200mm
          Drill bag brand Taiwan
          Control system Taiwan LNC
          Servo drive motor Inovance Servo motor
          CAM software Higerman
          Guide X axis Taiwan ANDE
          Y axis Taiwan ANDE
          Z-axis Taiwan ANDE
          Rack German grinding ruler
          Ball screw Taiwan ANDE
          Reducer SHIMPO

          Applicable industry:

          Mainly used in the production of panel furniture industry, mainly used for six sides (hinge holes, through holes, half through holes) and horizontal broaching of various wood-based panels.
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